We've started a tradition here at Pinpoint where we celebrate milestones with custom enamel pins. This has extended to also include pins identifying different teams, attendance at events, and more.

To read about the thoughts behind this idea, check out John Saddington's blog post.

Company Pins


Pinpoint Logo

June 1st, 2017

This pin sports our official brand and logo. It comes in a few different colors: black #000, dark grey #515151, dark blue #27465B, orange #FF9900, and bright blue #0099CC. Every employee gets to select one of these pins — or the die-cut option below — on their first day.


Pinpoint Logo Die-Cut

June 1st, 2017

Like the pin above, this one is simply our logo, but die-cut. Available in the same colors as above: black, dark grey, dark blue, orange, and bright blue.


New Beginnings

June 1st, 2017

The very first pin that we created shows a blank terminal, capturing the hope that we have in a scary, exciting, unknown future. Those who joined the Pinpoint family in 2017 are eligible for the pin.


Design Partner

June 1st, 2017

Each of our initial customers were selectively chosen as partners because we felt they could help us build a great product through meaningful feedback. The design partners, as we called them, each received a pin to thank them.


Money Money Money

May 31st, 2018

We made this pin to commemorate raising $13.5M in our Series A, lead by Bessemer Venture Partners. Those who joined the company prior to May 31st, 2018 are eligible for the pin.

Retreat Pins



November 12th, 2018

This pin commemorates the first Pinpoint company retreat, held in Austin, TX, USA.

Looking at where we are as a company, it's hard not to call this a foundational time. We're setting the company culture, hiring our first batch of teammates, and building the groundwork for our product. The things we all do, right now, big and small, will greatly impact the future of this company.


Challenge Everything

April 29th, 2019

This pin commemorates the Spring 2019 Pinpoint company retreat, held in St Petersburg, FL, USA.

In life and in work, we often accept things as "good enough". But here at Pinpoint, we want to push past what we think are our limitations, personally and as a company. Don't settle for the status quo. Challenge your assumptions. Aim for greatness.


On the Gold

September 30th, 2019

This pin commemorates the Autumn 2019 Pinpoint company retreat, held in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

There’s no need for prospecting, digging test holes, or trying to find a new claim. We’ve put in all the work and our product is ready to go—we’re on the gold, and now it’s time to start digging it out.

Team Pins



March 18th, 2019

This pin includes many elements that the Frontend team works with every day. In the top half of the circle are the behind-the-scenes tools, such as vector graphics, databases, and code. In the bottom half are the elements an end-user sees, such as lists, charts, tables and menus.

To memorialize the Frontend team's struggle of theming Semantic UI through the liberal use of the !important tag, it is forever emblazoned on the team pin.



March 18th, 2019

The pin for the Data team, which includes Data Science and Data Engineering, sums up what others think of data science — it's all magic and those who deal in these dark arts are wizards.

The dice represent probabilities, while also being a nod to the first two members of the team and designers of the pin: Jose Diaz and Nick Kvaltine, employees number 7 and 14 (summed to 21).

Miscellaneous Pins


Florida Man

June 1st, 2019

For some reason, Pinpoint tends to attract employees hailing from the great state of Florida. They like to think they're special, so they made a pin for themselves—one that truly represents Florida.